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One of the highlights of hotels or resorts is their cabanas. Not only do the cabanas serve the practical purpose of saving guests from the heat and sunburn, but they can also bring style to the poolside area. Custom cabanas also elevate the look of your resort that further adds value to the revenue in social media times.


Current Trends in Cabana

Concept-based cabana designs are increasingly gaining popularity. The designers link outdoor improvements such as swimming pools and gardens. They also use consistent designs and materials throughout the overall project for integration.  


Another trend in cabanas is convertible floor plans and external walls that allow changeable places. The flexibility from movable internal partitions, removable exterior walls, and retractable ceilings enable many cabanas to serve various purposes, such as yoga retreat, gym, or spare bedroom, in addition to the usual entertaining space. 


Incorporating bathroom facilities into cabanas or installing an outdoor shower is another growing trend. The hotels or resorts can transform the cabanas into an additional guest bedroom as and when required. For more elaborate experience, some cabanas also include an outdoor kitchen with a grill, wok burner or barbecue, double sink, fridges, dishwasher, and a microwave oven.  


With LEDs replacing other types of lights, night lighting is extensively used in contemporary settings. For daylight, natural lighting is still considered most soothing.  


The colors connect the indoors and the outdoors. Softer colors such as pastel blues, turquoise, brown, fresh yellows, and greens are teamed with patches of vibrancy to act as a focal point.


Cabana Couture – A Leading Provider of Luxury Cabanas

Cabana Couture believes that cabanas are not just a place to duck out of the sun; in fact, they are a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors. Their flagship designs include the chairman, the chateau daybed, the director, the executive, the haven daybed, the presidential, the trustee, the villa daybed, and the VIP. Their esteemed clients like Grand Hyatt Baha Mar and SLS Baha Mar in Nassau Bahamas testify to their luxurious and comfortable designs in Cabanas. 


They work one-on-one with their client resorts to satisfy their needs and styles for an unforgettable experience for guests at resorts. Their soft side cabanas can contain televisions, tables, and chairs for placing around pools and secluded locations. The resorts may equip these cool, airy, and cozy options with TV, tables, and chairs, all while providing shade. Their custom cabanas can also offer even more extravagant amenities like minibars, fruit bowls, water, snacks, drinks, and dedicated lounge chairs to generate more revenue.