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When it comes to hospitality, outdoor furniture form and function should go hand in hand because it is highly important for guests to relax and enjoy the entire setting and environment. Over the years, hammocks have earned a spot for being a staple for outdoor settings. Resort style hammocks are very versatile in their use; be it for camping, hiking, relaxation, hanging out in a resort, beach or pool size and maybe even stargazing with a special someone.


Hammocks come in all shapes and sizes depending on your preference; whether you want a single or double hammock for your commercial use. For a single hammock, the width ranges from about 4 to 5 feet in width; while it ranges from 5 to 6 foot in width for a double hammock. Single hammocks can only take around 300 to 400 pounds of weight and are not as strong as double hammocks that would take from 400-500 pounds. Single resort hammocks are ideal for basic uses, while a double resort hammocks are ideal for a spacious lounging and in settings where something large is needed for extra comfort. Whatever your preference of hammock is; at Cabana Couture, we are ready to identify your needs and satisfy them in the best possible way.


Cabana Couture’s collections of hammocks are not just stylish but durable. There are a lot of design models for these resort hammocks that  you can choose from irrespective of the setting you have in place. Each hammock is uniquely designed to suit any decor style. In addition to their aesthetic value, our products guarantee optimum comfort and long-term durability to guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction. With a wide array of hammocks available in our collection, you have a variety of designs  to choose from, so as to meet your taste and complement whatever décor you have in place. Go ahead and contact us now to place your orders.