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Our collection of resort umbrellas at Cabana Couture consists of varieties that offer comfort, having a wide usage area and being versatile for use either in hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, shopping malls, poolside or beach. Resort Umbrellas also vary in sizes according to the place of use in order to provide ideal use based on their requirements. We are aware that hotel and restaurant owners are concerned about getting the ideal size of umbrellas that will be suitable to serve guests; and thus have a wealth of collections in different sizes to ensure that you have just enough shade for your space. Our umbrellas will complement and complete your hospitality environment, providing the ultimate guest experience.


In whatever color or design, our resort umbrella collections at Cabana Couture are exquisite, strong, durable and designed with style to enhance the overall experience your resort or hotel offers. Our products range from market umbrellas to aluminium umbrellas that are specially designed to deflect heat, thus creating an inviting cool canopy underneath. The umbrellas in our collections are distinctly configured to serve as a superb stabilizer in windy conditions and rain.


We understand that umbrellas due to their use in hospitality settings must be reliable in case of eventualities— thus our products are particularly designed to serve this role by virtue of quality materials used in their production. Our resort style umbrellas are also durable, being built with style and specially fabricated to be resilient against the weather and built to last through multiple seasons- precisely 4-6 years or longer in a commercial setting. We are aware that you might be worried if these umbrellas are adjustable in order to suit your preferences. Not to worry; good thing is that our umbrellas are made in such a way that they are adjustable to whatever required height and can be tilted with flexibility. They also come with floor rings that provide ground support. With our luxury collections, you can be guaranteed Cabana Couture’s resort umbrella collections are ideal for all outdoor environments, while giving guests the best experience possible.  Contact us now to place orders.