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Luxury Custom Cabanas for Orlando, FL Resorts

No pool and spa area is complete at a luxury five-star resort without private, custom-created cabanas. Cabanas provide the perfect relaxation and gathering place for your guests to rent and enjoy. They allow everyone to feel like a celebrity with their distinctive private atmosphere. We set the new standard for poolside amenities. Read about our options and then give us a call to talk about your resort’s needs and styles. We’ll work one-on-one with you to help you provide your guests with an experience to never forget. Cabanas aren’t just a place to duck out of the sun, they’re a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors. Call us to make an investment in your resort and wow every guest that walks through your pool areas.

Customizable Soft Side Cabanas

Our soft side cabanas are better-equipped to be placed around pools and secluded locations. These can also contain televisions, tables, and chairs, all while providing shade. These are cool, airy, and cozy options that keep your guests relaxed while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. Complete these structures by including minibars, fruit bowls, water, snacks, drinks, and dedicated lounge chairs. All of these options are investments to generate more revenue for your resort, allowing you to provide even more extravagant amenities.

Revitalize Your Resort