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Locations – Bahamas

The Bahamas has long been known as one of the best tourist heavens in the Caribbean. Bahaman resorts and beaches attract millions of tourists from across the world. The sights of cabanas and hammocks have been considered the best representative of the Bahamas for decades.

The Bahamas is also known for its high-quality resorts that are the best places to spend a vacation for tourists and offer plenty of attractions. A well-designed resort also has good quality resort furniture, cabanas, lounge chairs, recliners, and other amenities that make it worthwhile to spend time there.

Using the right type of shades, cabanas, and resort furniture can not only enhance the appeal of your resort but will also mean that customers enjoy the amenities provided by you for far longer periods which will eventually reflect in higher sales and profits for your resort.

Cabana Couture is among the best providers of Cabanas, shades, umbrellas, and outdoor resort furniture in the Bahamas. We have worked with some of the leading resorts in Florida and the Bahamas and have experience creating customized shades, umbrellas, cabanas, and outdoor resort furniture crafted as per the unique needs and requirements of a resort.

Our experienced team has helped hundreds of resorts in the past and can custom design shades, cabanas, and outdoor resort furniture such as recliners, outdoor beds, couches for your resort. If needed, then we can completely redesign the exteriors of your resort to match your needs.

Cabana Couture’s award-winning outdoor resort furniture has helped boost sales across a wide range of resorts. We would be glad to assist you in redesigning your resort with our products that convey a feeling of a lavish lifestyle and help attract visitors to your resort.

We use state-of-the-art machinery and follow industry best practices to ensure that our products are the best in class. As a result, even lightweight items that may appear fragile on first look are durable and can last for years despite heavy usage. The durability of our products makes sure that you do not have to spend small fortunes on replacing or repairing broken cabanas, or outdoor resort furniture.

You can call us at 407-490-4497 for a free consultation, and one of our customer care reps will guide you further on how to choose the right type of awning, cabana, or outdoor furniture for your resort.

We will also provide a free non-binding quote that will give you an idea of the budget needed for renovating your resort with custom cabanas and outdoor resort furniture.

Orlando Outdoor Furniture

Chic Designs and Expansive Options

Everything at your resort has been hand-selected to perfectly match your brand. That doesn’t end at the pool’s methods of shade. Our production team can custom-make a full design for your hotel that reflects and embraces the luxurious vibe you’re producing for your guests. Shade isn’t just about blocking the sun, either. Our installations can house ceiling fans, misters, lights, heating, and much more. We can get as involved or as simple as you’d like for your space.

High-Quality Building Materials

We construct our awnings, umbrellas, and other methods of shade out of high-quality building materials designed to last for multiple seasons without needing repair or polishing. They stay nice for longer, so you won’t have to replace or repair them frequently, costing you valuable time and money. We’re a full-service shop, and we don’t contract out builders or installers. We’ll be with you every step of the way from our design teams to our final installation. Achieve the perfect look you want for your resort with Cabana Couture awnings and shade. Call us today.

Revitalize Your Resort