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Choosing a furniture with an exquisite style speaks well of your taste and sense of style. patio tables are a must have in any commercial or social setting, they don’t just serve for aesthetic purpose but have a wide range of uses depending on the setting. The shape of a table also plays a large role in its use and aesthetic value; while round patio tables are great for smaller spaces and intimate conversations, square patio tables look perfect in an eat-in kitchen and rectangular tables are excellent where it involves more people.


Our collections of patio tables at Cabana Couture range from marina, to adventura, breakwater, biscayne, bleau, brickell, tides an carlyle; including a wide range of products with different models and design alternatives. Our collection of resort tables includes side tables, coffee tables, console/sofa tables, dining tables, communal tables and bar tables with custom design models offering a selection of sizes, colors and patterns that can adapt to any decor setting.


Most patio tables designs have a usage area that vary according to what they are to be used for. Be that as it may, our collections of resort style patio tables at Cabana Couture are specially designed to appeal to all tastes with stylish designs that will fit in perfectly with both outdoor and indoor settings. You may also consider stylish combinations with models from our chairs collection to complement the type of patio tables you decide to go for. You can be assured a perfect touch of classiness to your décor.


If you are particular about colors to match your sense of style or existing décor, our collections of patio tables offer an array of colourful designs to choose from. If you are concerned about quality, we guarantee that whatever type of patio tables you get from us is made with the best material and comes with a perfect finish. Cabana Couture’s patio table collection includes durable products that will make you always want to choose us as your number one.