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A pool cabana is a small, tent-like structure designed to offer shade located beside or near a swimming pool. In addition to providing shade, pool cabanas are designed to provide privacy to change clothes or a place to hang out or relax. Some are even used as a place for cooking meals to be consumed near the setting.


What are the Uses of a Pool Cabana?

A pool cabana is now being used for many different purposes. It is one of the best ways to expand the living area of your home and take pleasure in sunny weather alongside a swimming pool. It is the perfect place for family and friends to change clothes in privacy without having to walk inside the house. Additionally, you can use pool cabanas as outdoor bars, storage space for pool toys, deck chairs and cushions, and much more.


How big is a Pool Cabana?

There is no fixed size or dimensions when it comes to pool cabanas. But. generally, a small cabana can be about the size of a small bathroom, coming in about five by five feet. On the other hand, a large cabana may be about 40 by 60 feet, resembling a hospitality suite. The most common Cabanas are about 10 to 12 feet in size.


What are the Amenities of a Pool Cabana?

Just like the size, pool cabanas also vary in amenities. They are often designed to look more like small houses or elaborate sheds. As such, they often have walls that are made of wood or other hard materials. Some of them are just simple structures that do nothing other than keeping the shade away, while few have curtains to provide privacy for changing clothes or taking quick naps. As such, they often have walls that are made of wood or other hard materials.


Get the best Pool Cabana Designs 

Creating a successful pool cabana all rests on having a comprehensive design plan from the outset. That’s where someone who specializes in custom pool cabana designs comes in handy. Whether you are looking to design a small-sized pool cabana or want a luxurious one, Cabana Couture designers are ready to work with you to bring the best pool cabanas to your life.¬†

Pool Cabana designers like Cabana Couture has a team of multi-skilled professionals who consider the outdoor space in its entirety. As no pool area is complete without a cabana, you can get the perfect cabana designed to align with your specific needs including, colors, signs, graphics, and much more. Get your cabana designed today and feel like a celebrity with a distinctive private atmosphere. Reach out to them today for the best pool cabana designs.