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At Cabana Couture, we offer beautiful varieties of cabana lounge furniture for your resort, hotel or spa. Cabana lounge furniture is a great alternative to regular pool-side furniture, and offers a more luxurious experience for your guests with optimal shade and relaxation benefits. Not only that, but cabanas offer a great way to attract attention at your resort. Something colorful, or subdued and polished will make guests wanting more and will bring business to your resort. There are many different types of cabana lounge furniture, and in this article we will go over the varieties available to better assist your cabana lounge furniture search.


What is Cabana Lounge Furniture?

Cabana lounge furniture is a great way to amp up your outdoor paradise by providing shade and outdoor enjoyment. A cabana is essentially a covered structure that provides an opportunity for people to relax underneath and offers a bit of privacy. Cabana lounge furniture is perfect if you have a large area that needs a bit of partitioning or large furniture to make it feel more comfortable. If you are looking to add a spot where people can convene in a group comfortably, cabana lounge furniture provides the perfect covered area where people can rest or keep their belongings while feeling at home. Whether you are looking for something extravagant or simple, cabana lounge furniture ranges greatly in size and style so that you can find what you need. Some cabana lounge furniture has built in outdoor TVs, bars, or other extras that will make your resort setting even more enticing to guests or passerby.


Varieties of Cabana Lounge Furniture

There are major differences when it comes to cabanas vs. gazebos, pavilions, pool houses or pergolas. However, sometimes people refer to all of these structures as cabanas. Many types of cabana lounge furniture can complete the overall look and feel of a cabana, like lounge chairs, chaises, outdoor sofas, or outdoor beds. However the notable difference between a cabana and other types of structures is that a cabana has a top covering and is enclosed on three sides. Cabana lounge furniture can even be outfitted with ceiling fans, TVs, or mini fridges.

The fun aspect of cabana lounge furniture is that you get to choose the style, pattern and concept that goes best with your resort. At Cabana Couture, we offer cabana lounge furniture in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to minimalist and modern. If you are looking something in a specific color, contact one of our experts to have your cabana lounge furniture custom tailored to your specifications. Looking for something with a pattern? Our cabana lounge furniture experts have many varieties of bright or subtle prints that will spark whatever mood you’re going for. If you are looking for cabana lounge furniture with tropical foliage, or something with traditional stripes, we have what you need and are excited to show you the great variety of cabana lounge furniture available to you.