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There are so many types of cabana lounge furniture it can be hard to know what to choose from. And with cabana lounge furniture being a major investment, especially with the quantity of cabana lounge furniture needed for a resort, you need to know the different material options when it comes to cabana lounge furniture so that you can make the most informed decision for your resort or backyard.

There are so many great cabana lounge furniture materials to choose from, and here we will weigh the pros and cons of different cabana lounge furniture materials. When it comes to wood, teak is the most popular cabana lounge furniture wood option because it has amazing outdoor all-weather capabilities. Teak is a gorgeous option when it comes to cabana lounge furniture due to its beautiful warm tone. This type of cabana lounge furniture has a high natural resin and oil content which is perfect in making it a resistant cabana lounge furniture option when it comes to insects and water permeation.

The oils in teak protect your cabana lounge furniture from dry rot, which makes it a long-lasting, strong cabana lounge furniture option. However, it’s important to remember that this kind of cabana lounge furniture starts out honey-brown, but fades if untreated and turns a patina gray. Teak looks great both ways, but it might not turn out the way you intended if left untreated. If you’d like for your cabana lounge furniture to keep its brown color, be sure to apply a teak sealant yearly to preserve the golden brown tone.

When it comes to cabana lounge furniture, another great material is synthetic resin. This kind of cabana lounge furniture material is low-maintenance and very light weight, while still being durable and good for all types of weather. Often, this type of cabana lounge furniture is woven in a wicker fashion, providing a traditional and classic cabana lounge furniture look. Synthetic resin cabana lounge furniture withstands outdoor weather better than natural wicker rattan, so it’s a better option for a resort if your cabana lounge furniture is going to be outdoors all year round.

There are also metal options when choosing cabana lounge furniture. In the past, wrought iron was common for cabana lounge furniture, but due to its heaviness and high-maintenance requirements (like dealing with rust), it’s gone out of style. Currently, aluminum and steel are the most common metal materials used in cabana lounge furniture. Aluminum is an extremely versatile cabana lounge furniture material, and is super lightweight and durable. Aluminum cabana lounge furniture is also very low maintenance, and doesn’t rust like iron or steel when exposed to the elements. Steel, on the other hand, is a cabana lounge furniture material that is considered the strongest, but it also weighs more and is more expensive than aluminum.

For more information on what kinds of cabana lounge furniture materials to consider and what would work best for your space, contact one of our cabana lounge furniture experts so we can help you design your outdoor oasis today.