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West Palm Beach is a city in Florida that is located west of the adjacent Palm Beach and 68 miles north of Downtown Miami. Few people are aware that West Palm Beach is the oldest incorporated municipality in the South Florida area, having been incorporated a full 2 years before Miami in November 1894. 

West Palm Beach is a part of and a principal city of the Miami Metropolitan Area that has more than 6 million residents. West Palm Beach is a major tourist destination thanks to several tourist attractions in the city such as Rapid Water Parks, Palm Beach Zoo, International Polo Club Palm Beach, Lion Country Safari, South Florida Science Museum, Trump International Golf Club, and National Croquet Center. 

West Palm Beach is well connected to the world through the nearby Palm Beach International Airport, Amtrak, US 1 highway, and intercity bus service operated by Greyhound Lines, and the Palm Tran, the Palm Beach County municipal bus service. 

Due to the enormous annual influx of tourists, West Palm Beach also has a high number of resorts, hotels, and motels that cater to the needs of the arriving tourists. Unfortunately, resort owners in West Palm Beach often have to deal with the challenge posed by too many sunny days when catering to their visitors. 

Customers will enjoy the drinks, bar, entertainment, or gourmet food offered by your resort only if they feel comfortable spending time there. In addition, protection against the ever-present sunshine is needed if you want your guests to enjoy the outdoor amenities offered by your resort. 

Cabana Couture is a leading provider of custom cabanas, umbrellas, shades, and outdoor resort furniture such as recliner chairs, couches, and out beds. We are always eager to help resort owners like you and can help you completely redesign the outdoor areas of your resort using custom-created cabanas and outdoor resort furniture. 

Our custom cabanas provide much more than shade against the scorching sun, as you can easily fit them with ceiling fans, lighting, misters, heating, and much more. Our outdoor resort furniture is designed with the customers’ comfort in mind, and we use a wide range of fabrics, building materials, wood, iron, and aluminum to achieve this goal. 

Cabana Couture has helped hundreds of resort owners in the past and is consistently rated as among the best providers of cabanas and outdoor resort furniture in West Palm Beach and Florida. 

Just call us at 407-426-4678 and book a free consultation call with experts at Cabana Couture who have decades of experience designing custom cabanas for resorts like yours.