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At Cabana Couture, quality resort furniture is a given. All of our lines are built to withstand a multitude of weather conditions, and are made for daily use for your guests. Our quality furniture provides both comfort and style while ensuring your investment brings back guests again and again.

We have many lines of quality resort furniture to choose from, like our Tuuci collection, which was born from the marine industry. This means that each item created such as parasols, lounges and cabanas were engineered and crafted to perform optimally in every environment. The style of our Tuuci resort furniture turns heads with it’s unique and unparalleled design elements, and the quality is visible in every piece of furniture. Incredibly durable, Tuuci designs pieces with 100% replaceable parts so that each piece will last and can be maintained no matter how much your guests enjoy the resort furniture.

Our Pavilion line is another quality resort furniture line we offer to ensure amazing relaxation and comfortability for your guests during their stay. Crafting furniture for over half a century, Pavilion knows durability due to it’s long history of quality resort furniture craftsmanship. Their use of vibrant colors and classic design principles bring a fun and alluring energy to your resort or hotel. The outdoors are what Pavilion does best, and their line of quality resort furniture speaks for itself in it’s magnetic design.

Let us help you choose the quality resort furniture that compliments your space best. Whether you are looking for something sleek and minimalistic or bohemian and warm, Cabana Couture offers many different design elements in our quality resort furniture lines. We know that what your guests crave when it comes to quality furniture, and we can help you design your space so that your guests feel like they are on a one-of-a-kind vacation. Our one-on-one consultations provide the expertise you need to begin your quality furniture investment for your resort or hotel. Call us today and one of our specialists will assist you in figuring out what your guests need for a valuable, luxurious quality resort furniture outdoor experience.