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At Cabana Couture, our cabana lounge furniture offers the ideal escape for your guests to linger in paradise. Our chic cabana lounge furniture is made from premium materials and designed with the latest styles so that your resort stands out, while blending seamlessly with the surrounding tropical setting you’ve created for your guests.

Cabana lounge furniture is a unique type of resort furniture that provides shade and a bit of privacy for your guests to relax and unwind. There are countless options to style your cabana lounge furniture, such as placing shaded cabanas on a pedestal in the center of your crystal-clear pool, or offering cabana lounge furniture surrounding a pool-side bar, or maybe placing a couple of sets of cabana lounge furniture on a private beach overlooking the ocean, so that your guests can relax and enjoy the priceless view.


Custom Cabana Options

One great option for your cabana lounge furniture that we offer at Cabana Couture are custom-made cabanas. We can make virtually any type of cabana resort furniture you can think of, so that your resort is fitted perfectly with the shaded enclosure you envision.

A great way to add romance and a bit of privacy to your cabana lounge furniture is by adding thin curtains that act as makeshift walls on the sides of your cabana. These curtains provide your cabana lounge furniture the option of keeping them open or closed, and either way offer a beautiful aesthetic that moves in the breeze and gives your guest that luxurious, tropical getaway feeling. Consider choosing from our selection of fabrics for your cabana lounge furniture’s curtains. Something white or cream colored is a great option to keep your cabana lounge furniture looking classic and bohemian, especially with wooden supports and maybe a white daybed underneath. If you want something brighter and bolder, we offer a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from for your cabana lounge furniture, including bold stripes, gorgeous florals, and tropical foliage patterns.

Whatever your preference, our design team can help you choose the right options for your cabana lounge furniture, ensuring your color palette and furniture accentuates your resort in the ways you desire. Whether you prefer cabana lounge furniture that is more traditional and classic, or you’re going for a trendy, modern approach, we have so many styles and colors to choose from and our experts will help you choose what goes best for you and your needs.


Cabana Benefits

The benefits of providing your guests with cabana lounge furniture are endless, but the most obvious benefit cabana lounge furniture provides is much needed shade for your guests to spend more time outdoors on your patio or pool deck. More shade means more time lounging around your resort, buying drinks at your poolside bar, and entertaining friends and family who wish to return next season (or hopefully sooner!)

Our cabana lounge furniture will not only provide your guests with optimal shade options, but cabanas offer a unique way for guests to converse and spend time with one another with a bit more privacy. If your guests want to have a get-together, cabana lounge furniture provides them with a central meeting place where they can relax and keep their belongings. Accommodating your guests by providing them with cabana lounge furniture is an easy way to ensure they feel comfortable and taken care of at your resort, now and for years to come.